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Advancing Total Patient Care

OraQ™ is not simply North America’s most advanced AI clinical decision support system. It is a philosophy around total patient care.

We are building a community of innovators who are re-imagining and redefining the scope, delivery and impact of dentistry – to make it more rewarding for patients, practices and professionals alike.

Together we will redefine how a visit to the dentist can have long-term health benefits beyond traditional oral health.


To empower forward-thinking dental professionals to make the best decisions for their patients and their practices.

The Values that Guide Us


Unwavering Commitment

To transform patient health outcomes through a holistic, long-term approach to oral care.


To overcome adversity and challenge the status quo.



Changing traditional thinking by harnessing advancements in technology.



We’re bringing together dentists, patients and stakeholders who share our vision for a new future.



We provide practices with a competitive edge – in their business and their level of patient care.



We believe patients should have full visibility of their dental health data, to help them make informed decisions and be active partners in their care.

How We Do It

Technology Leadership

State-of-the-art AI/ML platform to optimize decision-making.

Seamless Practice Integration

An intuitive platform that’s easy to adopt in your practice.

Built by Dentists for Dentists

OraQ™ solves the real-world challenges dentists, group practices and DSOs face.

Transparent Patient Engagement

A secure online portal gives patients a more active role in their care.

Evidence-Based Treatment Planning

Draws on an extensive database and modelling tools to assess treatment options.

New Treatment Opportunities

Including Obstructive Sleep Apnea, bite concerns, TMD and tooth wear.

Advanced Analytics

To drive strategies that increase revenue and enhance predictability.

Thought Leadership

A multidisciplinary team of professionals, advisors, developers and support staff.

The OraQ™ Founders

Creating a collaborative software platform that is reimagining dentistry has taken the combined efforts of a diverse, experienced and talented team.

Together, through a process of understanding, innovation and continuous improvement, we are committed to helping our AI dental software users evolve, lead and excel.

Dr. Amreesh Khanna

Founder & CEO

Dr. Mike Parchewsky

Co-Founder & Director of Clinical Protocols & Integrations

Wayne Madhlangobe

Co-Founder & CTO

OraQ Team

Scott Schroeder
Senior Vice President, Business Development & Sales (North America)

Edgar Bermudez, Ph.D.
Director, AI Development

Will Murray

Product Manager/MLOps Engineer

Josela Caldo, RDH
Implementation Manager

Jocelyn Chan, RDA

Business Strategist and Implementation Manager

Eric Austin

Data Scientist

Alex Ngun, BSc., MDS
Full Stack Developer and Integration Specialist

Rebecca Nguyen
Executive Assistant

Clinical Team

Fred Koslowsky, BSc, DMD

Pankey Institute Alumni

Preeti Kartik, BDS, MDS
Specialist- Oral Medicine & Maxillofacial Radiography
Clinical Advisory Team

Jason Bains, MD, CCFP
Family Physician
Executive Health & Preventative Care

Advisory Board

Dr. Reena Gajjar
DDS, Specialist in Prosthodontics
VP Strategy, Innovation & Development at Abova Technologies – AI/ML clinical development and regulatory advisor

Mike McGuire
Past CTO/COO & President of Stratacor and Abova Technologies – Technology, Dental Insurance and Regulatory Advisor

Dr. Jeremy Krell
Managing Director, Revere Partners Oral Health VC – Health/Dental Tech Start-Up Advisor

Neil Bothwell
Fractional CFO & Advisor

Tom Sides
Partner, Dentons – Legal Advisor

Dan Bergeron
Marketing and Branding Director Partner, Everbrave – Advisor

Gary DeWood, DDS, MS

Executive VP SPEAR Institute for Dental Education - Clinical & Treatment Protocols Advisor

Sylvain Chiasson, BSc

Board Member and Health Care Consultant, formerly Canadian President of Patterson Dental and ConvaTec Medical. 

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